Washers are placed on screws to provide a watertight seal. They come in a range of materials, shapes and sizes depending on the application. Many of our fixings are already washered and available for next-day delivery. But if a non-standard fixing-washer combinations are required, we are able to assemble them with excellent lead times.

Bonded Washers

A bonded washer consists of an EPDM ring fused to a metal ring. The metal provides greater strength and longevity to the washer, and provides a conical shape to improve the seal and spread the load of a screwed fastening. Bonded washers are available in 12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 29mm and 50mm. Larger washers are best used on roofs, where there is a greater risk of water ingress, whereas the 12mm and 16mm washers are better suited to walls. Galvanised washers are used on our carbon fasteners, aluminium washers are for our carbon bi-hex head fixings and stainless washers are for our stainless screws.


EPDM Ring Washers

We have 11mm EPDM washers on many of our low profile fixings, to provide a hidden watertight seal. This makes sure coloured fixings have a seamless finish against a panel. EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) has excellent weather and heat resistance properties, making it the ideal material for washers.


Baz Washers

Baz washers are used on our agricultural fixings. The dome-shaped EPDM is designed to seal corrugated panels. There is a metal ring to protect the EPDM from weathering, which gives longevity to fixings that are rarely covered.


Sealing Washer

We supply sealing washers which are used with hook bolts and spring nails. Hook bolts will also require a sealing cover to prevent water ingress.


Diamond Curved Washer

These metal plates with a hole in the middle are curved to fit corrugated sheets. They reduce mixed-metal corrosion between the screw and the substrate.


Foam Washer

We supply these in fixing packs. They have a wide range of applications.

Round Flat Washer

These plain washers are flat rings used to spread the load of a screwed fastening. They may be used when the hole is a larger diameter than the fastener diameter.


Prism Washer

These are supplied in our fixing packs.


Saddle Washer

Saddle washers come in a range of shapes and sizes which are designed to fit specific panel profiles.

Spring Washer

A spring washer has a split in the washer that when tightened each side of the split bites into the fastener and the substrate. This prevents any anti-clockwise rotation from occurring under vibration.


Tube Washer

Used with decking screws, tube washers protect the fastener and deck interface and stop the fastener heads damaging the membrane.