Nylon moulded bi-hex heads come in a wide range of colours to match all cladding sheets. The corrosion-free head provides longevity to the screw. Tests have shown that our moulded heads have excellent grip and outcompete maximum torque values across the market. They are designed to fit 16mm, 19mm or 29mm washers.

Next day delivery for our most popular fixings.

     00E55 White

▉ 04E53 Poppy Red

▉ 10A05 Goosewing Grey

▉ 12B27 Olive Green

▉ 12B29 Juniper Green

▉ 18B25 Merlin

7016 Anthracite

Made to order with the lead time confirmed in the order acknowledgement.

▉ 00E53 Black

08B29 Van Dyke

10C31 Honesty

▉ 12B17 Meadowland/Willow

▉ 12B21 Moorland Green

1702010 Ivy

18B17 Albatross

▉ 18B29 Slate Blue


18C37 Wedgewood Blue

18C39 Ocean Blue

230810 Ice Blue

5003 Sargasso

▉ 5014 Blue Mountain/Denim

5500 Pure Grey

6002 Heritage Green

6016 Turquoise Green


▉ 7000 Alaska

7012 Slate Grey

7035 Oyster

85020 Svelte Grey

▉ 9002 Hamlet

9006 Silver

9007 Dark Silver/Orion



We are able to mould other colours which are not on the Stock and Non-Stock lists. These will incur a surcharge and may have a longer lead time. Please contact us for further information.


In 2020 we bought our first brand new injection moulding machine to start manufacturing bi-hex heads in house! Since then we have bought additional machines to increase the range of fixings we can mould. We have a range of colours that are available off the shelf, but we can also produce bespoke colours for your project requirements.


We use 30% glass fibre reinforced, heat and UV-stabilised polyamide 6 with high rigidity and strength properties to produce our bi-hex heads.


By bringing injection moulding in-house we have control over the quality of our fixings. Following our rigorous testing, we are confident our moulded screws are the best in the market. If you would like some samples, please contact us.