GRP Fixings 

For fixing glass reinforced plastic.

Part Number Length (MM) Diameter (MM) Head Type
POWELLAP-25 25 9.0 Hex
POWELLLAP-38 38 9.0 Hex
NYCOPOWELLAP-25 25 9.0 Bi-hex
NYCOPOWELLAP-38 38 9.0 Bi-hex
POWELLOX-25 25 9.0 Sealing washer
POWELLOX-38 38 9.0 Sealing washer
POWELLNUT-M5X25 25 For M5 fixings N/A
POWELLNUT-M5X38 38 For M5 fixings N/A

GRP fixings are designed to prevent the cracking of glass reinforced plastic. A pilot hole is required.

  • EPDM powellnuts accommodate movement which prevents cracking under tightening loads.
  • Stainless steel provides excellent corrosion-resistance which increases the life-span of the fixing.
  • Hex heads are standard across the industry, and require a 5/16″ socket, which we also supply. The heads can be moulded or a sealing washer can be added to increase corrosion resistance and durability.




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