Countersunk Timber to Composite Panel

For fixing timber batons to insulation panels.

Countersunk heads lie flush with the surface of the substrate. They generally have a torx drive.

Part Number Material Length (MM) Diameter (MM) Drill Point Max Timber Thickness (MM)
50.1T Carbon Steel 50 6.0 No. 1 20
50.1SSC Stainless Steel 50 6.0 No. 1 20

Timber screws fasten timber to composite panels.

  • Carbon steel is the most popular material for fixings as it is strong, weather resistant and affordable.
  • Stainless steel provides excellent corrosion-resistance which increases the life-span of the fixing.
  • Countersunk heads lie flush with the profile, and require T-25 bits.
  • The coarse thread provides excellent engagement with the timber and sheet metal, maximising pull-out values.
  • The no. 1 drill point is necessary to drill through the sheet metal of the insulation panel.

For maximum fastener performance, we recommend using a tek screw driver which does not exceed 2500RPM.







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