Clip Fixings 

For fixing brackets to purlins


Part Number Material Length (MM) Diameter (MM) Drill Point Drive
22.3CF Carbon Steel 22 4.8 No. 3 Torx
38.5CF Carbon Steel 38 5.5 No. 3 Phillips
22.3SSCF Stainless Steel 22 4.8 No. 3 Torx

Clip Fixings can be used to fix a range of materials to steel, such as secret-fix brackets.

  • Carbon steel is the most popular material for fixings as it is strong, weather resistant and affordable.
  • Stainless steel provides excellent corrosion-resistance which increases the life-span of the fixing.
  • Wafer Heads are small, tapered flat heads with either a torx-15 or a Phillips drive.
  • The no. 3 drill point drills through up to 6.0mm steel, whereas the no. 5 drill point drills up to 12.5mm steel, without burn-out.

For maximum fastener performance, we recommend using a tek screw driver which does not exceed 2500RPM.







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