Carbon Steel Hex Head Stitching Screws 

For stitching overlapping profiled sheets with a maximum thickness of 1.25mm per sheet.

Part Number Length (MM) Diameter (MM) Drill Point
22.1 22 6.3 No. 1
28.1MS 28 7.5 No. 1

Stitching screws fasten two metal sheets together, each up to 1.25mm thick.

  • Carbon steel is the most popular material for fixings as it is strong, weather resistant and affordable.
  • Hex heads are standard across the industry, and require a 5/16″ socket, which we also supply.
  • The coarse thread provides excellent engagement with the sheets, maximising pull-out values.
  • The reduced (no. 1) drill point provides precision when drilling into the material and ensures the material is cleared before the thread engages.

For maximum fastener performance, we recommend using a tek screw driver which does not exceed 2500RPM.




22.1 28.1MS
A (mm) 8.64 8.64
B (mm) 22.00 28.00
C (mm) 17.50 21.50
D (mm) 6.30 7.50
E (mm) 5.50 6.25
F (mm) 3.90 4.30
G (mm) 12.25 12.25

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22.1   ⭳ 28.1MS   ⭳
Pull Out (kN) - 2 x 0.7mm Plastisol Sheet 2.66 3.82
Shear (kN) 9.60 11.80
Tensile (kN) 20.90 14.10




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